Sunday, March 24, 2013

Homemade Lenovo Tablet or Kindle Fire Case

For my birthday last year, I got a Lenovo Tablet A1. Its a cute little tablet that fits my needs perfectly. Its fast, has plenty of memory, and is great for browsing the internet. My mother has a Kindle Fire, and they look almost exactly the same.

I've been wanting to get a case for it, but most of the cases I like are usually $30+. And I'm not willing to pay that much unless it is the perfect case. I got the idea in my head last night to just make a case, though.

I've had a journal for a long time that I picked up at a thrift store awhile back. The outside looks like an actual book, but the pages are edged in gold. I've never really had a use for journals; I bought it on a whim, because it was like $5. I decided to use that for a cover.

I googled some, and came across a few tutorials. I gathered hot glue, a cereal box, some fabric, and some elastic. I cut out the pages of the journal and put them with the rest of my craft supplies; maybe one day I will find a use for them. I cut apart a cereal box until I had a shape that was slightly smaller than the journal, then covered it in my fabric by hot gluing the fabric down. I then cut four elastic pieces and hot glued them to my fabric covered cereal box. Finally, I hot glued the whole thing down onto the inside of my journal. Here's the finished product.

The cover doesn't want to stay flat that much right now, and we had that gold elastic ribbon laying around, so I figured it would work for keeping it closed. Turned out pretty good, I think. The elastic isn't as tight as I want it to be, but its keeping the tablet in pretty tight, and I figure by the time the elastic wears out, I'll be ready to spend some money on another case.

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