Thursday, May 2, 2013

30 Day Blog - Day 23

Things have happened in my life recently, but I don't want to get into it all right now. I'm just going to jump right in with 30 Day Blog.

Day 23- What makes you different from everyone else.

While I believe everyone is unique, I also believe that the vast majority of us are a lot alike. Many of us have the same hopes and dreams in life, and most people are just generally good people. So this thing, it took some serious thought to figure out.

I guess what makes me different is the placement of my scars and my little body imperfections. You see, I have moles. Quite a lot of them. One day I will have the money for plastic surgery so I can at least get them off my face (because no amount of makeup will cover them), but right now, they are what makes me different. I'm not saying that I analyze every face I see, but I don't really think I have ever seen anyone with the amount of moles on their face as I do. I am horribly insecure about them, but only when I think about them. Which isn't very often. I shouldn't be insecure, though, because they really do give my face more character and definition than most other people. I also get complimented on being pretty sometimes, so either people don't notice them or they don't care.

And that's all I got for today. As I said, things have happened, and I am just so mentally drained right now that just writing that short amount was difficult. Maybe when I get around to Day 24 I'll have more to say.

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  1. Christina--It's always easy for someone else to say, "Your exterior is not what matters," because it's not OUR imperfections/insecurities we're talking about.

    A wonderful memoir I read about a woman and her struggle with her face was "Make Me Into Zeus's Daughter." It has the most intriguing first line I've ever encountered...

    Have you tried Zen meditation? Have you tried Scrabble tile earrings, with an "F" dangling from your right ear and a "U" dangling from your left? Have you tried some fast, snarky jokes about yourself, to beat everybody else to it? (hey, it works for my droopy boobs and my poochy gut).

    This was a very thought-provoking post. Thanks for being willing to share...